Andra Slaats and Iulia Mugescu, two Romanians living in Vienna, want to show what important role migration plays in all areas of society. Since early 2015, they sell attractive scarf creations under the label Younited Cultures, designed in cooperation with storytellers and local designers. The unusual design pieces are made in Austria from silk or cotton (limited edition). The creations are inspired by people who can tell themselves stories of integration.
Their sale sets in motion a further cycle: the profits are used to finance workshops that help migrants find their way into the Austrian labour market more quickly or become self-employed.

Business model:
Younited Cultures is organized as a limited liability company and produces the scarves in cooperation with local design teams and companies, which are distributed through the own shop and selected design shops. The scarves cost between 65 and 139 Euros. In the long term, Younited Cultures wants to establish itself as a label for diversity and integration.

Reference: White Paper: focus Social Entrepreneurship