On 13th  February of 2018, National Governments started negotiations on the Global Compact on Refugees. The Compact is supposed to have four key elements:

  • Easing pressures on countries that welcome and host refugees;
  • Build self-reliance of refugees;
  • Expand access to resettlement in third countries and other complementary pathways;
  • Foster conditions that enable refugees voluntarily to return to their home countries.

Women and Girls’ needs and voices have been traditionally overlooked in the formulation of policies concerning refugees. Many organizations have voiced their concern over the lack of gender attention given to female refugees, which effectively leave them behind.  ENOMW shares the concerns of many feminists’ organizations involved in the consultation process on the Compact. Now that the Compact is taken to the level of inter-governmental negotiations, it is crucial that we inform the states on the obligations they have to fulfill to meet the rights of female refugees. Together with our two members, Melissa Network Greece and Women Refugee Route, and with the support of CARE International UK, CPDE and ECRE we have launched an advocacy action to ensure that women and girls’ voices are not lost in the process.

For more details, please follow the link http://www.migrantwomennetwork.org/2018/02/14/global-compact-on-refugees-women-girls/