Oksana Stavrou is a trained lawyer from Ukraine, who moved to Austria in 2004. After obtaining her degree, she worked for an insurance company for a couple of years, married and has got two children. She had the idea for her future company when she observed that her husband, who cycled to work every day, came home in soaked pants when it rained. That was the birth of Raincombi: a simple rainwear that keeps you dry on all sides; it is breathable and, above all, high quality. The product is produced in the Czech Republic from Swedish, German, Norwegian and Czech materials. Stavrou’s vision and her ambition even convinced the jury of Immipreneurs of Austria, an initiative helping young migrants from poor countries or conflict areas to grow their business.

Convincing such a jury meant meant that the company of the young Ukrainian mother could grow from a one-person company with an innovative vision to a mature company. Only four years after the first idea, you can now buy the Raincombi both on its website and at 18 dealers in Austria and Germany.

Reference: Die Presse, 04.07.2015