Their mission: To detect, develop and release the culinary talents of migrant and refugee housewives in order to empower them to assert themselves thanks to their know-how and to promote a multicultural vision of our societies throughout Europe.

Their commitments:
Free the talents of these women by giving them all the tools that will allow them to practice independently. French courses applied to catering, management courses, qualifying courses with starred chefs. We are committed to providing all the tools so that our mamas can live as sustainably as possible from their talent.
Activate a maximum of talents to help them break the form of isolation in which they find themselves, enable them to (re)gain confidence in themselves and live quickly from their know-how.
To value these women for who they are, what they represent as inspiration and what they bring to our society.
To bring together people from all cultures to create links and foster conditions for a common life rich in diversity, and thus promote a multicultural vision of our society through the culinary art and personality of these women who can bring people together beyond their differences.