Since the end of 2016, a new kind of African cuisine restaurant has opened its doors in Montreuil, at 45 avenue Pasteur, near the town hall district: the New Centenary.

Nestled on the ground floor in the inner courtyard of the self-managed social residence and reserved for migrant workers from Mali and Mauritania, the associative restaurant involves the community of residents and is part of the social economy and solidarity.

The restaurant addresses two types of customers by proposing two types of culinary offers.
One is typically African for a modest clientele (working poor, beneficiaries of social minima, single women with children, inhabitants of the social residence…), the other more traditional, such as family cooking and world cuisine, for a more affluent clientele consisting of inhabitants and employees of the district.

The New Centenary thus offers an attractive catering offer, both in terms of price and taste and portions, while promoting the professional reintegration of job seekers.
The staff is made up of thirteen people who have hitherto been far from the labour market and who are re-entering the professional world via integration contracts (CDDI: fixed-term integration contract).
“Christine Merckelbagh, the school’s director, believes in welcoming and conviviality and believes that “helping people discover new flavours and participate in job creation”.