The whole world lives on our little island of France. Women and men from far away bring us their cultures and their different ways of seeing things: a gift from immigration. Enjoy it and discover the world! The association île du Monde will accompany you on this trip, so close to home.

The “Rencontres cuisine île du Monde” section is not just another local meal site. Its purpose is not commercial, but rather social and cultural. The Île du Monde association has developed this project in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, particularly in the so-called “priority” districts. The people who participate belong to different foreign communities that are present there. Participants are amateur chefs with traditional culinary skills. The main aim is therefore to enhance this know-how and share cultures. Our cooks offer their culinary services, including “home-cooked meals” and “mini-workshops” of traditional cuisine, for this ultimate goal. It is an invitation to discover the Other and to intercultural dialogue. However, some of these cooks have other needs and seek to build a personal integration project through economic activity. They are part of what is called the “priority public”, i.e. people who are far from work, low-income pensioners, single-parent families. “Rencontres cuisine île du Monde” will allow them to test their culinary skills to develop their professional project, while offering them additional income within the framework of the Social and Solidarity Economy. In addition, the Île du Monde association sets up in parallel an individualized and continuous accompaniment towards the insertion and the realization of their professional project.