BLITAB® is the first ever Braille tablet using a disruptive actuating technology developed by our company, to create tactile text and graphics in real time. People call it “The tablet for the blind”. Our novel invention is the cross-industry affordable technology (ICT & MTech/Health), which allows a whole page reading on a tactile screen. BLITAB® allows for the first-time blind users to learn, work and play with one mobile device and to have digital access to information in real time. BLITAB® converts any document into Braille text; little smart dots (“tixels”) raise immediately from the surface and then fall down again when text changes.

Kristina Tsvetanova (CEO and co-founder) is an acclaimed social entrepreneur who has risen to the top of this competitive field. The tech-entrepreneur graduated with honors her Bachelor and Master degree at the Technical University of Sofia and has more than 7 years hands-on experience in Supply Chain Management and Industrial Engineering sector at international companies. Kristina also serves as an innovation consultant to the G7 in the area of Technology, Research & Innovation. Rewards:

– 2015: European Winner of Social Entrepreneurship and Disability, awarded by the European Commissioner for Employment & Social Affairs.

– 2017: received the EU Prize for Women Innovators under 30.

– 2017: Thanks to her accomplishments in Europe, USA, Mexico, Singapore, China and Japan in the last 2 years, and her extraordinary persistence to empower unprivileged children via tech, she was called as one of The Social Movers nowadays (Agora+D).