Encourage intercultural link through culinary language and open new professional and social perspectives to refugees by selling world specialities cooked by refugees.

Eat : The idea? Taste specialities from other countries. To employ, in our mobile kitchen, refugees who cook and sell specialities from their countries of origin. We hope that Eat & Meet will be for them a place of reconstruction, the starting point towards a regained autonomy.

Meet : Eat & Meet bus offers a space for exchange and discovery of other cultures. Culinary and cultural crossroads, the association allows passers-by, refugees and volunteers to meet in a convivial way and to engage in dialogue.

Bus : The objective? To invest the public space and offer the possibility to the cooks to create a link with the inhabitants. The bus is a multifunctional space including a kitchen and a convivial place. A real urban landmark, the bus also makes it possible to convey messages to a wider public, increase the visibility of the project and create a real professional integration structure.