A project of sartorial creation specifically for migrant women. The 200 participants, most of whom are 30 to 45 years old and from Ghana, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Morocco, took sewing and cutting lessons that can prove useful in the future if they wish to become entrepreneurs in the sartorial sector. The sewing and cutting lessons were led by a Ghanaian tailor, Francis Ayim. I Saperi per l’Inclusione is based on five main axes: 1) languages (literacy and Italian courses, friendly in terms of schedules and learning styles), 2) legality (civic education, knowledge of services and meeting with institutions’ representatives) 3) work (through vocational skills laboratories, with half of them reserved for victims of exploitation), 4) milk (an initiative promoting motherhood and family along with work and learning, including children care services), 5) books (a series of reading aloud and storytelling from mothers to children and vice versa, for the promotion of multilingualism and the practice of adopting language). The marketing and communication for the products of this project were specifically targeted to interested audiences.