Fiducia (Famiglie Immigrate Donne Unite nei Centri per l’Inclusione lavorative Anolf) is dedicated to migrant women entrepreneurship through the creation of a platform for start-up businesses in the home care sector. The project equips these women with the necessary skills for the food or domestic sector either for the employed or the self-employed. In the  different branches of ANOLF in each region, 230 women are expected to participate. Moreover, a support network for migrant women, who often due to lack of connections find themselves in illegal and heavily exploitative forms of employment, will be created and hopefully sustained through the training. In addition, the creation of 2 social cooperatives in Sicily and 1 in Calabria, that will employ 80 and 20 immigrants each, is part of the self-employment program. Meanwhile, the participants in the project will have the support of family councilors and cultural mediators.