Bioemare is the first cooperative of fishing women in Italy.

The cooperative operates throughout the fishery chain: from fishing, to processing, to direct sales, to the promotion of the product and to the distribution to the CBG (Community Buying Groups). In collaboration with the Maestrale Co-operative, it has been selected to adopt certified sustainable fishing, respecting the biological rhythms of fish, using nets with the widest meshes and disposing of the waste that every day catches. Product transformation is unique in Europe as it is done directly by the fisherwomen: all that remains unsold in the day, is transformed into creams, sourdoughs, sour cherries, organic products. The products are certified by ICEA.

Radoslava Petrova is one of the founders: when she was very young, she fell in love with an Italian man and in 1998 she takes her suitcases and moves to Tuscany.

She then did it fishing with the fishermen, accompanying them in the boat, and in 2011 she founded Bioemare. With five women she created the shortest and most complete fish chain: with wax and rubber boots, she and Margherita, Irene, Aurora, Gabriella and Maria, fish, repair nets, sell fish, deliver it in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.