You have a great business idea. All your friends say they would buy it. So now all you need is a little bit of capital to turn that idea to your first prototype. Raising money shouldn’t be that hard; it’s a great idea, right?

Lisa Curtis is the founder of Kuli Kuli, a social enterprise that sells delicious food products made with moringa, a green superfood. Lisa Curtis’s experience ranges from working in the White House to serving as Peace Corps Volunteer in a small Nigerien village and working with women entrepreneurs in India

She shared her experience in fundraising her own social enterprise stated that different types of fundraising are needed at different stages as the business grows. Here’s what worked for her:

  1. Put it to paper
  2. Get with a program
  3. Crowdfund
  4. Get a loan
  5. Pitch and pray for an angel
  6. Don’t give up


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