Migrant Women Entrepreneurship Project: Appetite for Enterprise!

Promoting the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women

European project for migrant women, entrepreneurs, social workers, trainers, consultants and intercultural mediators

The aim of the ARISE project is to promote the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women. Read more »

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Landkreis Nienburg / Fachdienst Migration & Teilhabe

The County of Nienburg is a district in central Lower Saxony. The Department for Migration & Participation is responsible for the coordination of migration and integration issues in the entire district and ist member municipalities. Website: www.lk-nienburg.de Email:...

Restaurant Tempero – Alessandra Montagne

The young chef of the Tempero restaurant, born under the military dictatorship in Brazil, saw poverty and inequality. Today, she puts her warm character at the service of a popular but tasty cuisine, welcoming her customers in her little corner of paradise with a good...

The 16-Year-Old Algerian Artist Who Influenced Picasso and Matisse

The amazing story of 16-year-old girl that captured the minds of the art world’s elite. The self-taught Algerian artist, Baya Mahieddine (1931-1988) — known as Baya — is finally being celebrated in the first North American exhibition of her work, at NYU’s Grey Art...

ARISE enterprise example: Chickpeace

What do you do when you're new to a country, can not communicate, not knowing the culture? How do you pave the way for women who live alone or with their families in Hamburg? One cooks together, communicates with hands and feet, first shy, then courageous, eats...