Migrant Women Entrepreneurship Project: Appetite for Enterprise!

Promoting the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women

European project for migrant women, entrepreneurs, social workers, trainers, consultants and intercultural mediators

The aim of the ARISE project is to promote the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women. Read more »

ARISE project activities and good practice examples can be found in many places throughout europe. Find out where »

The project partnership groups six organisations from different European countries. Read more »


ARISE checking out business opportunities at the Hannovermesse

Checking out the business scene: On invitation of WIN, the regional business development service in Nienburg, participants from ARISE visited in April the world's biggest industrial fair hannovermesse. Apart from insights into latest technological developments, they...

ARISE Training workshops for migrant women started in Palermo

On 17th January, ARISE training path for migrant and refugee women in Italy started in Palermo. Italian future women entrepreneurs started to know each other and work on their personal skills and communication, thanks to the help and enjoyful exercises coordinated by...

ARISE project example: FIDUCIA

Fiducia (Famiglie Immigrate Donne Unite nei Centri per l'Inclusione lavorative Anolf) is dedicated to migrant women entrepreneurship through the creation of a platform for start-up businesses in the home care sector. The project equips these women with the necessary...

ARISE enterprise example: Kalinka – Malinka

Located in the very centre of Athens, Greece, Kalinka – Malinka was established by two migrant women coming from Russia. For some time, they wanted to create a small shop that would sell the best piroskies, as the traditional Russian sweet or sour stuffed fried breads...

ARISE enterprise example: ANASA Pop – Up Mama Africa Restaurant

With a variety of flavors from Africa, the Pop – Up Mama Africa Restaurant/Catering of the ANASA Cultural Center travels to Africa, giving us the opportunity to experience and enjoy exotic delicacies while also supporting entrepreneurship of migrant women and refugees...

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