Migrant Women Entrepreneurship Project: Appetite for Enterprise!

Promoting the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women

European project for migrant women, entrepreneurs, social workers, trainers, consultants and intercultural mediators

The aim of the ARISE project is to promote the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women. Read more »

ARISE project activities and good practice examples can be found in many places throughout europe. Find out where »

The project partnership groups six organisations from different European countries. Read more »


TRIS (Girls’ Rights in Society)

TRIS is today one of the country's largest non-profit organizations working with performance-oriented prevention efforts against honor-related violence and oppression and uses sports as a tool for integration. They also provide young girls help with studies....

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Christian church with a great social commitment. For them, care of all people is a central part of their faith and business. Around the country, the Salvation Army operates corps - congregations and also various social activities....